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thought he had been killed and It was his ghost*
More than a thousand of us went out to him from
the camp, and when we went up close to him and
saw that he was not a ghost,, we told him what had
happened. We told him that he had been struck
by lightning. Two of his runaway companions
had come back to our camp and told us about the
two who had been killed and whose bodies were
lying out there, burned. That was why the
hunter ran when he saw him.

'Some of our braves took him and carried him
back to our camp9 and the rest of us started to look
for the other boy. We found him lying dead
about four hundred yards away from where Wolf
Head had been thrown; and we found his blanket
two hundred yards east and his rifle two hundred
yards west of where they were sitting when the
lightning hit them. It must have been a hard
piece of lightning/

Then Wolf Head continued:

'All I remember of this thing was that after we
saw the lightning I went to sleep and dreamed
that I was in a teepee. I was sitting with a
woman, and she was the one who tried to kill me.
She said she was the Woman Thunder. She sang
several different songs and gave them to me for
my medicine songs. After a while the woman's
boy. Boy Thunder, came in; and he sang my war
song3 and gave it to me. The woman then told